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28.4.2015 - Emil Lindholm enters german Audi Sport TT Cup

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Audi Sport TT Cup is brand new racing series for season 2015 which is driven as a german co-series for highly popular DTM. During the winter Audi Sport selected 18 young and highly talented motorsport drivers from 165 applicants. One of the selected is Emil Lindholm, age of 18.

In season 2014 Lindholm drove one victory, two pole positions and eight podiums in Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland. After having Audi Sport physical training and driving training camps and two days of media education event in Germany, Lindholm is eagerly waiting season 2015 to get underway.

Lindholm is the youngest driver of this new series. He's also the only one who hasn't developed his speed with Karting or Formula experiences and he's the only one who drives rally.

- Audi has given lots of education for us to develope our skills for the future. I'm very happy that they choosen me to the ground of 18 drivers. Even I'm the one of the least experienced racing drivers and I know that I need more kilometres to gain more speed. Therefore for the first rounds I'll be seeking only experiences so that my driving would be more natural in next events, Lindholm tells.

- My goals are set for developing results, lots of good and trouble-free kilometres. I'll promise that my results will improve during the season, Lindholm continues.

Flying Finn also tells that Audi TT Cup Racing car, which is manufactured by Audi-Sport requires a complitely different driving style than Porsche which he drove in season 2014.

- RWD Porsche was more aggressive to drive: braking had to be done late and also turning into corners was done late. FWD Audi is complitely opposite car in driving style as in corners I need to speed up so that the exit speed would be maximum. Also weight balance between Audi and Porsche is very opposite, Lindholm shared his thoughts.

During the spring Lindholm has two times able to test the car: First time in Barcelona Spain and second in Hockenheim Germany.

- Forthcoming first two rounds are to be driven in long circuit of Hockenheim. A week ago we had a test in short version and after 40 laps I was having comfortable feelings, Lindholm shared his emotions.

All Audi Sport TT Cup drivers measure their skills with identical cars in a six weekend series which all includes two rounds.

3.5.2015 - Emil Lindholm into points in international Audi Sport TT Cup

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First two rounds of international Audi Sport TT Cup has been driven in gray and rainy German Hockenheimring. Young Flying Finn Emil Lindholm, age of 18, was able to collect points from both events. In first race he was 10th among 24 drivers and in second race he was 13th. In overall classifications he's in 10th position as there are stil 10 rounds to be driven.

Lindholm missed chances for top positions in driving mistakes he suffered in qualifyings.

- In qualifyings I had a setup problem with the car. In rainy conditions I span two times and eventually I went off to sand. The bottom of the car was filled with sand and small stones which took lots of time in pit. This operation cost me laps and I lost possibilities to snow my talent. However it was my own mistake, Lindholm tells.

- For next qualifying sessions I must have much more concentration because it was a mistake I simply cannot make again. As two fastest lap times orders starting grid for the weekend races I must be more focused because from back rows you simply cannot reach podiums, Lindholm reminds.

For first two rounds of the Audi Sport TT Cup series Lindholm started from grids 17th and 16th.

- First start was pretty OK and during the race I was able to keep up the good pace. I made seven passes and finished the event in 10th position. However in second race Chinese Shaun Thong hit me in the start acceleration and I spun out from the circuit and dropped to final position. Then after safety car got out from the circuit I made good passes and was able to rise into 13th position until in slowest corner of the circuit one fellow competitor missed braking point and crashed me, shared Lindholm his race moments.

For whole weekend Emil was in excellent pace.

- 10th and 13th positions are actually pretty good results when considering the starting positions 17th and 16th. However the main thing is that I was able to reach Finish and manage to collect Championship points. My racing speed is also OK and therefore I expect a lot from next events, Lindholm reported.

Next two rounds of Audi Sport TT Cup are to be driven German Norisring Circuit at the final weekend of June. Lindholm continues his German campaign as third round of ADAC Opel Rally Cup is to be driven in next three weeks at east side of Frankfurt.

Final results Audi Sport TT Cup Hockenheim Germany, 1st start:
1. Marc Aurel Coleselli (AUT) 24.12,014
2. Nicolaj Moller Madsen (DEN) + 5,853
3. Dennis Marschall (DEU) + 11,410
6. Joonas Lappalainen (FIN) + 19,444
10. Emil Lindholm (FIN) + 43,469
13. Toomas Heikkinen (FIN) + 56,095

Final results Audi Sport TT Cup Hockenheim Germany, 2nd start:
1. Dennis Marschall (DEU) 29.53,445
2. Nicolaj Moller Madsen (DEN) + 2,936
3. Alexis van de Poele (BEL) + 3,294

5. Joonas Lappalainen (FIN) + 7,536
13. Emil Lindholm (FIN) + 25,035
21. Toomas Heikkinen – 2 laps

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20.9.2015 - Emil Lindholm entered podium at Audi Sport TT Cup Nürburgring

Flying Finn Emil Lindholm, age of 18, made his season best result in Audi Sport TT Cup Nürburgring event. In 9th and 10th rounds of the season Lindholm drove positions three and four and is now in 7th position in overall standings as there are still two rounds to be driven.

For the Nürburgring first race Lindholm start from pole position and lead the group for the first four laps. Then two top drivers, polish Jan Kisiel and dutch Dennis Marschall fiercely passed Lindholm. However Lindholm was very happy for his first podium position of the season.

- It was a pretty OK race. I was a bit worried before the start and I had a good change to climb back to second position before the race was end by red flag caused by crash. However first podium and best result of the season feels very good, Lindholm tells.

For the second race Lindholm kept going from 2nd grid. He had a steady start and was able to keep his position until safety car came to circuit. In the restart he lost several positions but was still able to collect 4th highest Championship points.

- Before the safety car I was able to push the gap for third driver but then again in restart I lost positions due bad driving. A lap later I also had problems on downshift and I lost more positions because I couldn't get maximum speed out from the curve, Lindholm shares his moments.

- I dropped into sixth position but still I was able to rise back into fourth position. In penultimate lap of the race I nearly was able to pass third position driver but Loris Hezemans still was able to close the door on apex. Then I had lots of action to avoid crash and there were no second chances and therefore I lost podium just by 1,1 seconds, Lindholm continued.

Final two rounds of Audi Sport TT Cup 2015 are to be driven in next three weeks at circuit of Hockenheimring.

- I'm very happy for the developement of my speed. I'm feeling very confident for the final rounds because Hockenheimring is a familiar circuit for me. All these other circuits are all new for me and therefore I haven't been able to drive on my own level. Now in Hockenheimring I will target on first win

Final two rounds for Audi Sport TT Cup are to be driven at October 16th - 18th 2015.

Final results Audi Sport TT Cup 9/12 event, Nürburgring, Germany:
1. Jan Kisiel (POL)
2. Dennis Marschall (DEU) + 0,9
3. Emil Lindholm (FIN) + 2,0
Joonas Lappalainen (FIN), retired

Final results Audi Sport TT Cup 10/12 event, Nürburgring, Germany:
1. Jan Kisiel (POL)
2. Dennis Marschall (DEU) + 3,0
3. Loris Hezemans (NED) + 8,1
4. Emil Lindholm (FIN) +9,2
Joonas Lappalainen (FIN), DNS

27.10.2015 - Emil Lindholm 5th fastest in overall standings of Audi Sport TT Cup as well as in ADAC Opel Rallye Cup

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Final round of the international Audi Sport TT Cup racing series first season has been driven in German Hockenheimring. Flying Finn Emil Lindholm, age of 18, collect positions 9th and 14th from final events. After 12 rounds in overall standings he was eventually 5th fastest.

For the first start of the weekend Lindholm started from 9th grid. Young Finn got an excellent start and was able to pass four fellow drivers in first lap. On the next lap a safety car was called to circuit and when the race continued in few moments later, Lindholm dropped to 11th position.

- It didnt go as planned. There were more better result on the table but still no as Saturdays' event I had a good start but then in re-start I was complitely in a sleep and lost driving rhythm. I made too many mistakes and went wide in corners. All of these were my own mistakes and therefore Saturday was definitely what I had hoped for, Lindholm confecced.

On Sunday the drivers faced the final weekend of the season which was late for three hours due bad fog. Eventually after big waiting the race jury decided that the race would start and Lindholm entered the circuit at eight position.

- Delaying the race was a good call because the for was very intense and circuit very wet. Even the conditions were very difficult I was able to have a good start and took 7th position. However at the first corner I ran out of space and was forced to turn the car fiercely inside so I cut the corner pretty bad. Therefore left front wheel was damaged and then the car didn't ran well on straights or didn't turn to right-hand corners, Lindholm tells.

- In first lap my fellow competitor Dennis Marschall span in front of me and to avoid the crash I also lift my throttle. Therefore three cars passed me and I lost well-earned positions. Then I just tried to keep my position to the chequerred flag as the competition was very intense, Lindholm continued.

In overall series standings Lindholm was eventually 5th fasterst. Highlight of the season was pole and podium position he accomplished at circuit of legendary Nürburgring.

- Three of six weekends went OK but the other three were pretty bad. Therefore fifth position was best I could gain with these results. I don't know if I could be happy for it but still fifth position tells that we've done some things right, Lindholm tells.

Younster also feels that Audi Sport TT Cup, which was organized first time on motorsport history, was professionally build series and very good experience for him.

- When we drove at the same races with DTM-events the stages were all in order. Also our cars are professionally build Audi Motorsport manufactured cars. Therefore this season was very special for me and if I do this series again I need to reduce mistakes so that I can compete from the title. My season 2016 plans are still quite open so I'll let the time to tell what happens next, Lindholm shares his thoughts.

Promising fifth position at German ADAC Opel Rallye Cup

Season 2015 was the first international season for Flying Finn Emil Lindholm. From February to October he tacked 22 rounds in German Audi Sport TT Cup as well as in German ADAC Opel Rallye Cup. He also measured his speed in one winter round of Finnish Rally Championship series.

In February he and co-driver Tomi Tuominen drove superb 4th fastest result of FRC3-group in Finnish Rally Championship Vaakuna winter rally. His promising results continued in German ADAC Opel Rallye Cup where his best results were two bronze podium positions and one fastest Powerstage time. Then one bad retirement, one miserable eight and one dissapointing ninth position lead to fifth position in series overall standings.

- In rally I still have lots of practice to be done with the pace notes because for the whole season I've been too cautious with them. However to the final event me and my co-driver Jennifer Lerch were able to improve them so well that we managed to drive third position and my first-ever fastest special stage time, Lindholm tells.

- Season 2015 was very taughtful for me as I collect lots of international racing experience. In my development I've taken big steps forward and it gives lots of hopes for season 2016. Big thanks for my sponsors and partners for this season, Lindholm shares his thoughts.

Final results Audi Sport TT Cup Hockenheim, Germany : 17.10.2015: 1st start
1. Rene Rast (D) 12 laps
2. Joonas Lappalainen (FIN) + 0.891sec
3. Nicolaj Möller Madsen (DK) + 5,630sec
9. Emil Lindholm (FIN) + 14.881sec

Final results Audi Sport TT Cup Hockenheim, Germany: 18.10.2015: 2nd start
1. Marco Bonanomi (ITA) 12 laps
2. Joonas Lappalainen (FIN) + 0.751sec
3. Nicolaj Möller Madsen (DEN) + 1.205sec

14. Emil Lindholm (FIN) + 13.385sec

Final results 52th ADAC 3-Städte-Rallye 2015, Germany, ADAC Opel Rallye Cup, Top-5:
1. Julius Tannert & Jennifer Thielen, 1:15:15.1
2. Samuli Vuorisalo & Eetu-Pekka Hellsten, +33.0sec
3. Johannes Fürst & Peter Medinger, +53.9sec
4. Emil Lindholm & Jennifer Lerch, +54.7sec
5. Niklas Stötefalke & Natalie Solbach-Schmidt, +1:50.7sec

Final standings Audi Sport TT Cup 2015, Top-7
1. Jan Kisiel, 231 points
2. Nicolaj Moller Madsen, 206 points
3. Dennis Marschall, 186,5 points
4. Joonas Lappalainen, 157,5 points
5. Emil Lindholm, 115 points
6. Shaun Thong, 106 points
7. Loris Hezemans, 105,5 points

Final standings ADAC Opel Rallye Cup, Top-7:
1. Julius Tannert, 296 points
2. Samuli Vuorisalo, 183 points
3. Yannick Neuville, 130 points
4. Jacob Madsen, 122 points
5. Emil Lindholm, 110 points
6. Kevin Müller, 85 points
7. Jerzy Tomaszczyk, 82 points
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