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22.3.2014 - Emil Lindholm: Season 2014 with Porsche 997 GT3 CUP in Finland

Season 2014 is about to get underway and therefore I announce that my plans for forthcoming season is ready to be published: I'll be driving Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy series in FINRace Championship series with Magenta Racing team.

In September 2013 Magenta Racing team manager Jukka Nieminen gave me an opportunity to test his Porsche 997 GT3 Cup car which he had driven in FINRace series. Tests were very good and succesful and when Jukka announced that he'll compete in German VLN series at season 2014 and his car was available for season 2014 it gave us a perfect opportunity to try show my talent.

As necessary economical stakes are lot bigger than my previous v1600 season I would like to share big thanks for my sponsors and partners, Printsport Racing which takes care of the car and ofcourse Jukka Nieminen and Magenta Racing Team for making this dream come true.

Porsche GT3 CUP Trophy Finland events are to be driven in FINRace series and there is one additional Porsche festival event which is organized by Porsche Racing Club Finland. The series has Finnish ASN Trophy rank and we also compete for the Porsche Motorsport title. There are approx. 20 competitors expected for the season 2014 series.

All cars are manufactured by Porsche Motorsport and those are based on Porsche 997, 996 and 991 civil cars which are divided into three categories.

Group one cars are manufactured in 2001-2004. Those are mainly 996 models and has approx 370-390 horse powers. Group two cars are modeled 997 and are manufactured in 2005-2009. These cars has six gears sequential and has 400-420 horse powers. Group three includes cars which are manufactured in 2010-2012 and these has engine which includes approx. 450 horse powers.

Season 2014 series has six racing weekends and 12 starts. Ten best results are to be included in overall classifications.

23.5.2014 - Emil Lindholm: Perfect start for the season - Two silver positions in Porsche GT3 CUP Trophy Finland 2014 opening rounds

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In third weekend of May 2014 I drove my first two ever Porsche GT3 CUP Trophy Finland events which were driven in Botniaring Circuit. Both of these rounds went very well.

In Fridays' practice I was able to push excellent pace in dry conditions and furthermore in final stint I was fastest which was very good considering next day qualifying.

In Porsche GT3 CUP Trophy Finland qualifyings are driven in two part: In first session all drivers try to make the best time and then ten fastest cars will make to second session and first session times are complitely forgotten and therefore the times set in second session makes the start order for the races. In first session I was fastest but in second session Jukka Honkavuori was able to pass me y just 0,04 seconds. I was VERY happy for the second position in my first-ever Porsche GT3 qualifying.

Even I had a pretty good start for the first race my fellow competitor Tom Nylynd, who start from third position, was able to pass me in first straight. However he made a mistake in fastest corner of the race and had a fast-paced spun. Due this insident he nearly had a collision with me but fortunately I was able to avoid that event. However due his mistake Jukka Honkavuori was able to increase his leadership to five seconds which I wasn't able to reduce. During the 12 laps race I was able to increase the gap for third position drivers and therefore Jukka won the race by 10 seconds and I was second by 15 seconds gap for third Johan Westergård.

Starting grid for second race was ordered by lap times the drivers set on first race and therefore winner Jukka Honkavuori took pole. I was second and Johan Westergård was third. We had a trouble-free race and I was able to keep up my second position. However once again Jukka Honkavuori won the race by six seconds. tom Nylund was third, 13 seconds slower than me.

When revieweing the weekend I happily can say that everything went really well and Porsche GT3 feels wonderful to drive and to complete! Next events are to be driven in the middle of June in Ahvenisto circuit at Hämeenlinna.

Final results Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy, 1st round, Botniaring
1. Honkavuori Jukka, 12 laps
2. Emil Lindholm +10.763sec
3. Johan Westergård +25.140sec

Final results Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy, 2nd round, Botniaring
1. Honkavuori Jukka, 12 laps
2. Emil Lindholm +5.893sec
3. Tom Nylund +18.283sec

18.6.2014 - Emil Lindholm had ups and downs in circuit of Ahvenisto

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The raceweekend at Ahvenisto is over and Magenta Racing has accultured from the pits. We had a weekend full of ups and downs, starting from driver mistakes on the wednesday test to a satisfying P3 in qualifying, whereafter a first race with last position because of contact with a fellow competitor and flat tyre. As a relief we managed to clinch P4 in the second race after some serious racing.

Despite the tough weekend we will be heading to our next race in Pärnu assured that we will be stronger than ever!

Final results FINRace Ahvenisto, Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland, 1st start: Top-3:
1. Jukka Honkavuori, 14 laps
2. Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, +13.481sec
3. Johan Westergård, +22.729sec
10. Emil Lindholm, +6 kierrosta

Final results FINRace Ahvenisto, Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland, 2nd start: Top-3:
1. Jukka Honkavuori, 14 laps
2. Kari-Pekka Laaksonen +8.336sec
3. Johan Westergård +9,445sec
4. Emil Lindholm, +14.932sec
5. Tom Nylund, +28.328sec

12.7.2014 - Emil Lindholm: Two silver podium positions in Alastaro Circuit!

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Fourth round of Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland season 2014 has been driven in circuit of Alastaro and therefore the season has turned into second half. We had excellent preparations for the event on free practice at Thursday and Friday. In Friday we set the fastest lap time and I felt very confident for the weekend.

In first half of Saturdays' qualifying we set time to continue for second half and after a steady run we were third fastest. Then for second half we tried to improve that time and after a good pace we were second fastest, just 0,149 seconds slower than pole position driver Jukka Honkavuori.

Start of the first race went well as I kept my second position. I was smoothly in pace of Jukka Honkavuori as we drove in the leadership just by around one second gap. In sixth lap I was nearly able to pass him but due a small driving mistake I again dropped 1,3 seconds behind. Then in final laps I again was able to reach him and in position of passing. However laps ran out and I was forced to satisfy for second position, just 0,35 seconds slower than winner Honkavuori.

In first race I set fastest lap time by 0,2 seconds gap and this result provided me pole position for second race, which was my first-ever pole position in Porsche GT3 CUP Trophy Finland series. After very exiting start I brake a bit too early for the first corner and Jukka was able to pass me. Also third Johan Westergård was in attack position and I had a really hard time to try keeping him behind. Once I was able to make a gap for Johan, Jukka Honkavuori was ran over for four seconds leadership. This was too much and after 12 laps of intense racing I was second again, about three seconds slower than winner Jukka Honkavuori. I was a bit dissapointed for the silver but the most positive part was that once again I set fastest lap time.

The weekend provided us exactly what we seeked for it after disasterous weekend in Pärnu. I would like to thank all my sponsors and partners who have strongly been with my speed. There are still things to be improved but now for the first time I was able to challenge series leader Jukka Honkavuori, which is a hellowa progress.

Next rounds are to be driven in circuit of Kemora at second weekend of August. Our goals are set for the highest podium position. Hopefully we can challenge Jukka Honkavuori and reach our goals!

12.8.2014 - Emil Lindholm: Unfortunate racing weekend in circuit of Kemora

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In second weekend of August there were driven the penultimate Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland racing weekend of season 2014 in circuit of Kemora. We entered the event by being 7th in overall standings before final four rounds. During this season we've encountered two retirements; One in first event of Ahvenisto due puncture and second in Pärnu due engine failure. These retirements didn't give us concerns for the Championshipo standings because in Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland there are two worst results removed from overall standings. Therefore we still had all possibilities for silver medal but it also meant that we had to do perfect result for these four rounds. However this wasn't the case in circuit of Kemora.

In pre-race Thursday I drove with Porsche for the first time in circuit of Kemora. The experience from the circuit was pleasant as there are lots of fast-paced and driveable curves as well as slow-paced and twisty corner combinations. In Thursday we were able to drive in wet and dry surfaces and both suited well to me.

In Fridays' free practice we continued smooth progress by having fastest time for all sessions. This gave us good feeling for Saturdays qualifyings as well as for the events as I had good feeling for the car.

Qualifyings were driven on wet surface. For the first session we made second fastest time as forthcoming Champion Jukka Honkavuori set the fastest time, but just by narrow gap. For the second session we pushed hard but lost the pole position for Johan Westergård just by 0,001 seconds faster than us! Jukka Honkavuori was left for third position, 0,290 seconds slower than us. These results meant that it would be very exiting events coming up because gap between top drivers were minimal.

When we headed towards the start of the first race the conditions were very challenging. It was mainly a dry circuit but still there were lots of wet spots in curves. Most of the competitors selected wet tyres and so did we (which later proved to be a big mistake). However I had a good start and passed Westergård into leadership. Then in third corner Johan and Jukka Honkavuori complitely surprised me and made a showy passes. Wet tyre and dry tarmac was impossible combination as it felt like I couldn't turn the car at all and therefore I was having lots of difficulties to find the correct rhythm. Still the conditions were same to everybody, I just couldn't handle it due bad tyre choice.

In second lap Johan Westergård had a spun and I was once again in second position. In third lap Tom Nylund closed the gap and started to challenge me and was able to pass me. In final corner of the second lap Tom had a spin and I tried to avoid hitting his car and made a surprise move into outside of the track and also was about to have a spin. I tried to correct the spin but there were Anssi-Jukka Kasi coming inside and we couldn't do nothing at all to avoid the collision.. The impact was so severe that the organizer were forced to pull out red flag and suspend the event. Me and Anssi-Jukka were delivered into doctor examinations and discovered that there were no injuries. However our cars suffered so major damages that we weren't able to continue racing in second race and therefore the weekend was game over for both of us.

Both races were won by Kari-Pekka Laaksonen and due excellent run Jukka Honkavuori secured Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Championship title because his leadership is impossible for anyone to gap up. Due miserable and zero points weekend we're now in 10th position in overall standings and try to secure good finish in final two rounds. Now the car is in total rebuild and I'm healing up my wounds and sharing thanks for car owner Jukka Nieminen and all my sponsors and partners for speedy season. It'll take lots of work to rebuild the car into competitive use but I'm confident that Printsport Racing and especially my mechanic Ville Uusitalo will do the job!

Final results FINRace Kemora 2014: Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland, 1st start:
1. Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, 9 laps
2. Marko Helistekangas, +10.001sec
3. Johan Westergård, +21.156sec
retired. Emil Lindholm, crash

Final results FINRace Kemora 2014: Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland, 2nd start:
1. Kari-Pekka Laaksonen, 11 laps
2. Tom Nylund, +3.155sec
3. Jukka Honkavuori, +6.876sec
ret. Emil Lindholm, DNS

26.8.2014 - Emil Lindholm: Victory at Porsche Festival!

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Final two rounds of Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland season 2014 were driven in Porsche Festival which was organized at circuit of Alastaro. This event appeared to be very good for us because I was able to drive my first-ever victory in Porsche GT3 CUP Trophy Finland series. It was a very busy weekend of us because we also drove two extra races in Carrera Cup Scandinavia.

We start the weekend by having practice session in Thursday so that we could see if the the car was working OK after crash we encountered in previous weekend. During the intense test day we drove about 50 competitive and trouble-free kilometres.

Practice continued in Friday when our fellow competitors also entered the circuit. On dry surface our lap times were one of the fastest and on wet surface our speed was just a bit slower than fastest Lars-Bertil Rantzow. Also qualifyings were driven in Friday and we managed to get Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland Pole Position just by 0,2 seconds gap before Rantzow. In Carrera Cup Scandinavia I was caught in traffic and was forced to satisfy to 4th starting position.

In penultimate Porsche GT3 Trophy Finland round, which was driven in Saturday at very unstable weather, Lindholm and his Magenta Racing Team made a decision to start with slick tyre, even just 10 minutes before the start there were some showers. Also our fellow competitor Rantzov decided to compete with slick tyre. However the circuit was so full of water that drivers who used wet condition tyres were able to drive on their own pace. However when the circuit start to dry up, we managed to catch our fellow competitors. After 12 laps we came to finish in seventh position and were fastest car which used slick tyres. After the event the jury made a decision not to publish any results due many illegal tyre changes which was happened in warm-up lap.

My first-ever Carrera Cup Scandinavia event was a disaster for me because for me it was game over in first lap as I and KP Laaksonen suffered a collision. It was really frustrating because we both had a superb possibilities to have an excellent result. Our service crew, Printsport Racing had a big rush to fix the car for final round of Porsche GT3 CUP Trophy as there was just 30 minutes between the events. Therefore I would like to give big thanks to my mechanics Ville Uusitalo and Jarkko Argilander for perfect job.

Second and final round of Porsche GT3 CUP Trophy Finland 2014 went exactly the way it supposed to be because in first corner I passed Lars-Bertl Rantzow and I was able to increase leadership towards chequerred flag. In a few laps the gap was increased into 9 seconds to Rantzow. I also managed to drive fastest lap time, which was 0,328 seconds faster than Rantzow.

After victory I entered fourth and final start of the weekend. However due crash and retirement in first Carrera Cup Scandinavia I was forced to start the race from final grid. I had a perfect start and was able to pass six fellow competitors in first corner. And then on next lap I passed Anders Conradzon into sixth position. Five laps later I passed Kenneth Pantzar and then laps ran out and I finished the event in fifth position, 16 seconds slower than winner Lars-Bertil Rantzow.

For me the final racing weekend in Finland was difficult. Once again it showed what motorsport is all about on its' best and on its' worst. However I was very happy to drive my first-ever victory with Porsche and it gives me lots of self-confidence for forthcoming events. I would like to thank all my sponsors, partners, fans and especially Magenta Racing Team manager Jukka Nieminen who rent the car for me. Also Printsport Mechanics Ville and Jarkko made superb job for whole season. Without you this season would't be possible - Thanks!

This wasn't the final race for us in season 2014, because in 13th September I'll be driving my first-ever VLN series race in legendary German Nürburgring with Opel Astra OPC. For me this is a great possibility to drive abroad and make my debut in one of the most famous circuit in the World. One lap is 24,4 kms!

FINRace Trophy final standings 12/12 rounds:
1. Jukka Honkavuori, 337 points
2. Simo Muhonen, 290 points
3. Johan Westergård, 257 points
10. Emil Lindholm, 186 points

Porsche GT3 Cup Trophy Finland final standings 12/12 rounds:
1. Jukka Honkavuori, 337 points
2. Simo Muhonen, 302 points
3. Johan Westergård, 298 points
8. Emil Lindholm, 247 points
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