Season 2010: Sebateam Axel Lindholm in international rallyes

24.1.2010 - Sebateam opened its' rally season in Estonia Rally Championship series

Highslide JS First round for Estonian Rally Championship series was driven in South-Estonia in surroundings of Vöru. The rally included five special stages and approximately 90 special stage kilometres. It was driven in very demanding conditions as on the rally day morning the temperature was approximately -30 degrees.

This rally gave lots of new things for Sebateam. It was the first-ever pace-note rally for Sebateam driver Axel Lindholm and his co-driver Timo Jaakkola in Estonia. Furthermore it was also first-ever event for team's new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS rally car. Right from the first metres on Lindholm felt that the car was very fast and had excellent steering capability.

On Friday Axel and Timo made recce for the event and on Saturday they start the event. After four stages Lindholm was in ninth position in overall classifications. Co-operation between Axel and Timo was also trouble-free. During the stages snow dust caused problems on visibility.

In final stage, which was over 30 kilometres of length Sebateam duo catch their fellow competitor and due snow dust they couldn't pass him. Therefore Axel and Timo lost lots of valiable time and and dropped to 12th position in overall classifications.

Despite troubles they faced Sebateam was happy for the opening round of the season. Car is fast and it didn't have any technical difficulties at all - Thanks for the service crew. Due good result the starting position for next round will be better.

The rally was won by reigning Estonian Rally Champion Ott Tänak with his Subaru Impreza WRX STi rally car. Next round is to be driven in 1st May 2010 in surroundings of Estonia Capital, Tallinn.

23.5.2010 - Axel Lindholm fifth fastest in International rally of Tallinn

Highslide JS Sebateam driver Axel Lindholm experienced his second Estonian Rally Championship event in an international rally of Tallinn which was driven in third weekend of May in north region of Estonia.

Rally included 10 special stages. Four forest stages were driven twize and drivers also measured their speed in two separate super special stages. For whole weekend the weather was very summerish and therefore lots of spectators came to the stages to see the rally. Also lots of Finnish rally fans took a ferry from Finland to experience a hot rally event.

Stages of the rally were various as some part of the stages were very fast paced and in good condition. However some of the stages were in very narrow and in rough condition.

We had a good start for the rally as me and my co-driver Timo Jaakkola made very competitive stage times. However in rough condition stages I drove cautiously and therefore we were not so fast on those. Still we finished the event in fifth fastest position in overall classifications and therefore we also were fastest Finns in the event which was won by Estonian Egon Kaur and his co-driver Erik Lepikson.

Our Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS rally car gave us a trouble-free event. Setup for the car was good and it was very nice to drive it. We would like to give lots of regards for our service team for the result.

Next event for Sebateam is to happen in middle of July in Rally Estonia.

30.5.2010 - Axel Lindholm enters WRC Finland with top spec rally car

Highslide JS In final weekend of July a legendary WRC Rally Finland is again to be driven. In season 2010 edition of the rally there are lots of international aswell as young national drivers entering the event. F.ex Axel Lindhol, age of 21, participates his second-ever World Rally Championship event. Co-driver for Lindholm in WRC Rally FInland is Timo Jaakkola. He's co-driven Axel in this season in Estonian Rally Championship series.

A year ago Lindholm participated WRC Rally Finland with FWD rally car. In this year he measures his speed with top spec 4WD turbocharged rally car.

Son of eight times Finnish Rally Champion, mr. Sebastian Lindholm, enters the event with Uspenskiy Rally Technica group-N Subaru Impreza WRX STi. Swedish Patrik Flodin has driven with their car in PWRC and is at the moment in second position.

A week ago Lindholm made a superb result in International Rally of Tallinn as he was fifth fastest. Before WRC Rally Finland Lindholm enters third round for Estonian Rally Championship series which is to be driven in the middle of July.

- This is a huge opportunity for me to drive in very appreciated professional rally team. It'll be a very challenging event for me, but I think I manage it, Lindholm shares his thoughts.

- There are several familiar special stages to be driven in this years rally. Also there are lots of new stages, which are ofcourse a bit harder. A year ago I seeked and also got lots of international rally experience and now it is time to utilize them. My goals are set to have a trouble-free run with best possible overall classifications, Lindholm continues.

WRC Rally Finland is to be driven in a traditional way at July 29th - 31st 2010.

18.7.2010 - Axel Lindholm retired Rally Estonia due off road

Highslide JS Sebateam drivers Axel Lindholm and Timo Jaakkola suffered a off road in Saturday's penultimate stage of Rally Estonia. In hard crash the car suffered major damages but the crew survived with only minor mental issues.

At the moment of retirement Lindholm had driven over 150 special stage kilometres and was in 8th position in overall classifications and in 6th position in group-N standings.

- The stages were very demanding due high speed and tricky corners. I really liked the stages and therefore I'm very dissapointed to suffer a crash as this supposed to be an excellent preparation for WRC Rally FInland, Lindholm told.

- Now we start preparations for WRC Finland. Everything is OK and ready for it, Lindholm continued.

31.7.2010 - Axel Lindholm finished WRC Rally Finland

Highslide JS For Sebateam WRC Rally Finland started in pre-rally Sunday when Axel Lindholm tested his Subaru Impreza WRX STi rally car in Saarijärvi test stage. The car and the team was Russian and therefore everything was new. Despite new atmosphere everything worked very well from the start of the day.

After recce the rally started on Thuesdays' super special stage which was driven in Laajavuori. Axel had a miserable start when helmet phones stopt working after first jump. However team fixed the problem and Axel could drive normally and enjoy WRC Rally Finland stages.

At the end section of sixth stage Axel suffered a brake problem and was forced to reduce his speed. Before next stage he and his co-driver Timo Jaakkola tried to fix the problem and suffered a time penalty on the start of the stage. Then approximately half way of the legendary Myhinpää stage Axel came a bit too fast into a tight right corner and went off the stage. Bottom arm twisted so badly that he was forced to retire the day and start the next with Super Rally Rule.

On Saturday Sebateam tried to drive a trouble-free run as there were approximately 160 special stage kilometres to be driven. Axel made a perfect job and was able to finish the difficult rally. He would like to thank all sponsors and partners for making the rally possible. Furthermore he sends special regards to his Us Uspenskiy Rally Tecnica team for excellent job during the rally.

19.9.2010 - Axel Lindholm fourth fastest in group N of Estonian Mulgi rally

Highslide JS In third weekend of September Sebateam entered fifth round of Estonian Rally Championship series which was driven in surroundings of Viljandi.

Mulgi rally included two days of hard rally action. In Friday teams drove two stages including 20 special stage kilometres and in Saturday they faced 7 more special stages including approximately 70 special stage kilometres.

Sebateam Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS rally car was just repaired from crash happened in Rally Estonia. Service team Jari Sopanen, Markus Paananen and Markus Jalas made superb job for making us possible to enter Multi rally with a repaired rally car. When the car was fixed and paint team made long days to build the car. During the rally the car worked very well - thanks for excellent work of our service mens.

We start the event by slightly a cautious way. Our goals were set for chequerred flag and therefore we didn't push hard. Furthermore the conditions were rainy and therefore the stages were very slippery. We made no big mistakes during the rally and reached our goals with 5th fastest overall classification. In group N we were 4th fastest. Rally was won by Georg Gross with Ford Focus WRC and group N was won by Egon Kaur with Subaru Impreza WRX STi rally car.