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8.7.2018 - Punctures dropped Emil Lindholm into 10th position in Italy

In first weekend of July
GRX-team drivers Emil Lindholm and Mikael Korhonen finished italian Rally Del Casentino in 10th position in overall classifications. Finns competed in tarmac rally with HMI (Hyundai Motorsport Italia) team Hyundai i20 R5 and lost top positions in two puncures they encountered in third and sixth special stages. Punctures cost nearly three minutes.

- First puncture was complitely my own mistake as I cut the corner way too deep and hit front wheel into rocky surface. With flat tyre we drove to the end of the stage and lost nearly two and half minutes in that insident. Our second puncture happened in sixth stage. However the reason is a complete mystery because we didn't hit anything. Fortunately the stage was very short that we only lost 10 seconds more, Lindholm commented.

Italian tarmac stages of Toscana proved to be very demanding.

- After punctures our strategy changed just to drive for practice for the future events. The special stages were absolutely thrilling and very challenging because there were lots of surface variations and even few jumps. Especially the stages we drove on dark were very difficult because the road turned all-the-time and vicibility was very short, youngster shared his thoughts.

Lindholm and Korhonen continues their rally campaign in forthcoming weekend in Finland at traditional AutoGlym rally which is an excellent preparation for WRC Rally Finland. Duo heads for the rollercoasteric stages in 3rd pair.

- There are many WRC2 rally drivers entering the event and therefore we now can measure our speed against their performance. Stages are being driven twice and we hope to encounter bad condition stages because in WRC Rally Finland the conditions are then quite similar. Our target is to complete the rally with podium position, Lindholm hopes.

Final results 38. Rally Del Casentino, Bibbiena, Italy:
1. Alessandro Re – Fulvio Florean (ITA) Skoda Fabia R5 1:32.18,5
2. Nikolai Gryazin – Jaroslav Fedorov (RUS) Skoda Fabia R5 +12,7sec
3. Pierre Campana – Dominique Savignoni (FRA) Skoda Fabia R5 +18,1sec
10. Emil Lindholm – Markus Korhonen (FIN) Hyundai i20 R5 +3:34.5sec

Finnish Rally Championship UNOFFICIAL standings: 5/7 rounds: FRC-1 group:
1. Eerik Pietarinen 117 points
2. Teemu Asunmaa 73 points
3. Emil Lindholm 59 points
4. Marko Mänty 53 points
5. Nikolai Gryazin (LAT) 42 points
6. Juha Salo 36 points
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