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16.6.2018 - Puncture dropped Lindholm out from podium in Pohjanmaa Rally

GRX-team driver Emil Lindholm and his co-driver Mikael Korhonen lost possibilities for Podium positions in a puncture they encountered in third special stage of FRC Pohjanmaa rally. Lindholm and Korhonen lost nearly 50 seconds of competition time and dropped into 24th position in overall classifications.

For fourth stage Skoda Fabia R5 driver made a fastest special stage time but encountered another puncture on next stage. However after major difficulties Lindholm and Korhonen finished the fifth round of the Finish Rally Championship season 2018 in sixth highest Championship points.

- Our first puncture was a complete mystery because I didn't hit anything. Therefore we suspect that there might have been trouble on valve because the tyre lost air pressure on straight section and we had to drive five kilometres on empty tyre. Second puncture was complitely my own mistake because I cut one corner too much and there was a rock which damaged the tyre, Lindholm tells.

Before two final rounds of Finnish Rally Champioship series Lindholm is in bronze medal position.

- I'm happy for the fastest special stage time and other top times we made. In final stage we also were in excellent pace but then I was forced to slow down in a corner where our fellow rival Marko Mänty went off. Even so this rally gave me lots of self confidence for the two final rounds which are to be driven in August and September. I'm really hoping to collect my first-ever victory and secure medal in Finnish Rally Championship series, Lindholm continues.

- In first day of the rally there was an incident where one spectator lost her life. We share our condolences for friends and family. Our thoughts are with you, Lindholm shares his thoughts.

Sixth and penultimate round of Finnish Rally Championship series is to be driven in final weekend of August at the region of Sastamala. Final round is to be driven in final weekend of September at the region of Turku and Salo.

Final results; FRC Pohjanmaa rally 2018, Seinäjoki:
1. Teemu Asunmaa – Ville Mannisenmäki Skoda Fabia R5 43:14,5
2. Eerik Pietarinen – Juhana Raitanen Skoda Fabia R5 +1,6sec
3. Nikolai Gryazin (LAT) – Jaroslav Fedorov (RUS) Skoda Fabia R5 +16,2sec
6. Emil Lindholm – Mikael Korhonen Skoda Fabia R5 +49,4sec

Finnish Rally Championship UNOFFICIAL standings: 5/7 rounds: FRC-1 group:
1. Eerik Pietarinen 117 points
2. Teemu Asunmaa 73 points
3. Emil Lindholm 59 points
4. Marko Mänty 53 points
5. Nikolai Gryazin (LAT) 42 points
6. Juha Salo 36 points
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