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19.5.2018 - Emil Lindholm collect his second Podium position in first gravel round of the Finnish Rally Championship season 2018

GRX-team driver Emil Lindholm and his co-driver Mikael Korhonen had a superb start for the gravel season as they collect their second Podium positon in Finnish Rally Championship series. In FRC O.K. Auto Rally, which was fourth in total and first gravel event for the series, youngsters had a thrilling battle for Podium positions which eventually gave them second highest Championship points. Their first Podium of the season was in opening round at Arctic Lapland Rally which was driven in January.

In rally of eight fast-paced special stages and approximately 100 special stage kilometres the conclusion of Podium positions was happened in final stage where Lindholm set fastest time and rised into second position, but just by 0,8 seconds gap to Marko Mänty. The rally was won Eerik Pietarinen, who has dominated the season so far.

- Ofcourse we're always driving for the victory, but then again this second position is not so bad at all. During the rally I had a feeling that I can reach for it and when having a superb drive I was able to accomplish this goal, Lindholm tells.

- In penultimate stage I went wide one junction but then again also Marko Mänty did same kind of mistake in same junction. It was a mistake that we cannot do in this level because the competition is so tight that we cannot anymore share those kind of seconds, Lindholm reminds.

- First two stages were absolutely very slippery. However after service those same stages included lots and lots of more grip and therefore we had a very nice feeling to push. A big thanks goes to my fellow competitors who gave me a good match, Lindholm concluded.

Second highest Championship points means that Lindholm and Korhonen stept into third position in overall classifications.

- We now know that with a good performance we have a chance to drive for podium positions and Finnish Rally Championship medals. We've developed during the season and that's the main thing for us, Lindholm reminded.

Next round of the series is to be driven in region of Seinäjoki at the middle of June 2018. In that area Lindholm hasn't ever competed.

- I don't know the route but if the stages are fast and includes lots of junctions, then I believe those will suit me very well, Lindholm smiled.

Final results FRC O.K. Auto rally, Kouvola, Overall classifications Top-6:
1. Eerik Pietarinen - Juhana Raitanen Skoda Fabia R5 48:42,4
2. Emil Lindholm - Mikael Korhonen Skoda Fabia R5 + 16,5sec
3. Marko Mänty - Joni Mäkelä Skoda Fabia R5 + 17,3sec
4. Teemu Asunmaa - Ville Mannisenmäki Skoda Fabia R5 + 22,5sec
5. Juha Salo – Topi Luhtinen Peugeot 208 T16 R5 + 32,1sec
6. Jarkko Nikara - Sayaka Adachi (J) Subaru Impreza WRX STI + 1:21,2sec

Finnish Rally Championship UNOFFICIAL standings after 4/7 rounds: FRC1-group:
1. Eerik Pietarinen 99 points
2. Marko Mänty 53 points
3. Emil Lindholm 51 points
4. Teemu Asunmaa 48 points
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