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13.5.2018 - Emil Lindholm fastest R5-driver in International Tallinn rally

In Finnish Rally Championship series young Emil Lindholm and his co-driver Mikael Korhonen are in 4th position in Championship standings after three winter rounds. Now one week before fourth and first gravel round GRX-team drivers measured their speed in International Rally of Tallinn. In two days of intense action youngsters tackled 13 special stages third fastest, just 13,8 seconds slower than winner Georg Gross, who drove with World Rally Car.

Lindholm and Korhonen were fastest R5-group drivers. Duo was very happy for their first-ever gravel rally with R5-car.

- I'm very happy for the result and speed, but still losing overall victory by 13,8 seconds gives a bit chill feelings. Ofcourse I could have driven a bit faster but because this was just a test rally for FRC Kouvola rally, which is to be driven in next week. Therefore we didn't take any unnecessary risks and got a smooth start for the gravel season, Lindholm tells.

The stages of International Tallinn Rally were very fast. Average speed for most of the stages were approximately 130km/h.

- In fastest stage of the rally I lost approximately 10 seconds to WRC cars because of 130km/h of average speed. R5 car top speed is approximately 170km/h and WRC is nearly 200km/h so there's the difference and thats' why I lost the victory, Lindholm tells.

- After four first stages I decided to speed up and it proven to be a good decision. This test rally and ofcourse the result is very good and therefore its' now very nice to continue towards next Finnish Rally Championship event which is to be driven in next weekend at the region of Kouvola, Lindholm continues.

In FRC Kouvola rally 2WD cars goes before 4WD cars to the stages. FRC1-group drivers starts measuring their speed from starting number 30. Lindholm and Korhonen are going to be 34th pair in the fast-paced and very tricky stages.

- Its' going to be two sides of the coin. With number 34 the surface of the stages are cleaner but then again 2WD cars will make driving lines not suitable for 4WD drivers. Therefore it will be very slippery, Lindholm knows.

- Its' very nice that the rally organizer has introduced the stages which are driven in past few years. I'm heading towards 4th Championship event with very confident and high hopes because in Rally of Tallinn I trusted my pace notes and it immediately provided an excellent result, Lindholm continues.

FRC Kouvola Rally is to be driven in 19th May. 1st driver heads the stages at 9.01 am. The rally includes eight special stages and 99,76 special stage kilometres.

Final results International Tallinn rally, Estonia 2018:
1. Georg Gross - Raigo Mõlder (EST) Ford Fiesta WRC 48:29,5
2. Valerii Gorban - Sergei Larens (UKR/EST) Mini John Cooper Works WRC + 7,3sec
3. Emil Lindholm - Mikael Korhonen (FIN) Škoda Fabia R5 +13,8sec
4: Jukka Hiltunen - Jarkko Kalliolepo (FIN) Škoda Fabia R5 + 1:13,4sec
5. Denis Rostilov - Aleksey Kurnosov (RUS) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 +3:07,3sec
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