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31.8.2018 - Emil Lindholm fought silver position in penultimate round of Finnish Rally Championship series which was driven in region of Sastamala

GRX-team Skoda Fabia R5 driver Emil Lindholm and his co-driver Mikael Korhonen made fastest special stage time in final stage of Enset FRC-rally and picked silver podium position. With excellent performance they're now driving for silver medal of Finnish Rally Championship series. Winner Eerik Pietarinen won the event by 14,4 seconds and also secured his first-ever Finnish Rally Championship title in FRC1-group.

- Many congratulations for Eerik for securing the title, Lindholm shared his thoughts and continued, - This wasn't a perfect rally for us because on second stage I went wide in one junction and on fifth stage we were on a ditch for a while. Those were complitely my own mistakes. However it could have been a lot worse and therefore I'm happy for the result.

Second position was concluded in final stage as Lindholm, Takamoto Katsuta and Kristian Kiviniemi entered just by 2.7 seconds gap of each others. Lindholm controlled the stage which was driven in rainy conditions and took his third silver podium position of the season.

- This was an imporant result because now on the final rally of the Finnish Rally Championship series season 2018 we'll be driving on silver medal against reigning Champion Teemu Asunmaa, Lindholm told.

- I suffered lack of self-confidence to drive a bit faster. Also rainy conditions were very tricky as there were grip but the car didn't want to go forward as expected, Lindholm continued.

Final round of the Finnish Rally Championship series is to be driven in final weekend of September in south-west region of Finland. In forthcoming two intense rally days there are 150% points to be given.

Final results Enset FRC-rally, Sastamala:
1. Eerik Pietarinen – Juhana Raitanen Skoda Fabia R5 45:48,4
2. Emil Lindholm – Mikael Korhonen Skoda Fabia R5 + 14,4sec
3. Takamoto Katsuta (J) – Marko Salminen Ford Fiesta R5 + 16,8sec

Finnish Rally Championship UNOFFICIAL standings: 6/7 rounds: FRC-1 group:
1. Eerik Pietarinen 127 points
2. Teemu Asunmaa 83 points
3. Emil Lindholm 77 points
4. Marko Mänty 59 points
5. Nikolai Gryazin (LAT) 57 points
6. Juha Salo 44 points

Sebateam offers enjoyable rally rides now also for private persons!

In forthcoming October the company of eight times Finnish Rally Champion Sebastian Lindholm, Oy Seba Team Ab, starts enjoyable rally rides for private persons. Due high request of memorable rally experiences Lindholm and his team takes a new step and start arranging rally rides for private persons. For over 10 years Oy Seba Team Ab has produced high quality corporate entertainments for companies, their staff aswell as for their customers.

Private rally rides are to be held at Inkoo in a three kilometres special stage owned by Sebastian Lindholm. Please make your reservation by email or by phone and get more information.

Sebastian Lindholm ruled Finnish Rally Championship scene by the both sides of Millenium. For the first time you have a possibility to enjoy the ride of your life with competitive rally car provided by him in October. These rally rides for private persons are to be held monthly.

This experience you definitely will be remember in years!

There is also a wooden cottage where you and your friends have an excellent possibility f.ex to organize Sauna evenings. There are space for 20 guests. Possible accomodation can easily to be arranged in mansion of Muistio, which is located not far from Sebastian Lindholm premises.

During the event Lindholm offers his guests background information from rallying, the cars and tells interesting rally stories from his motorsport career which has last 30 years.

For more information of private person rally rides:
- by phone: +358 400 441 917
- by email:

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