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15.7.2017 - Emil Lindholm had a victorious practice for WRC Rally Finland in international AutoGlym Rally

Winner of
Finnish ASN "Future Rally Star 2017" -trophy, Emil Lindholm, age of 20, was fastest R2 group driver in international AutoGlym rally which was driven in region of Sastamala, Finland. Lindholm and his co-driver Jarno Ottman won their group by 31,7 seconds gap before Henrik Pietarinen. Overall winner of the rally was Hyundai Manufacturer Driver Thierry Neuville.

Lindholm, who drove his second-ever gravel rally, was very happy for the result even the stages of Sastamala were very demanding.

- I haven't never driven rally in so hard and challenging stages. Even a small mistake and we would have gone off. When I got myself to the rhythm the driving was enjoyable learning and therefore this event was very taughtful for me, Lindholm told.

For the first three stages youngster introduced himself to the Peugeot 208 R2 car on gravel surface. Then from third stage until the end of the rally he picked the leadership and rised the gap.

- In second stage we drove a moment without pace notes due the error we encountered in pace notes cleaning process. Fortunately it was a small mistake and we lost only four seconds, Lindholm commented.

- In this rally the most important thing was to find these small things for my driving which increases my speed. The stages were very tricky and challenging. Therefore this was the best preparation for the forthcoming WRC Rally Finland, Lindholm reminded.

The main and the most important rally for the season 2017 is in two weeks as legendary Gravel Grand Prix, WRC Rally Finland gets underway. Lindholm and co-driver Tomi Tuominen enters the event with Ford Fiesta R2 which is run by British M-Sport. In next weekend youngster is racing on circuit at Dutch Zaanvoort as ADAC GT Masters continues with two rounds.

- Before AutoGlym rally I was able to test my Peugeot 208 R2 and the Ford Fiesta R2 I'll be using in WRC Rally Finland. Now as I know the differences between the car I strongly believe my speed in WRC Rally Finland will be in order from the first special stage kilometre on, Lindholm promises.

Final Results AutoGlym Rally 2017, Sastamala:
1. Thierry Neuville - Nicolas Gilsoul (B) Hyundai i20 WRC 53:46,5
2. Ole Christian Veiby - Stig Rune Skaermoen (N) Skoda Fabia R5 +1:38,0sec
3. Hiroki Arai (J) - Glenn Maclean (AUS) Ford Fiesta R5 +3:14,0sec
8. Emil Lindholm - Jarno Ottman (FIN) Peugeot 208 R2 + 5:27,3sec (1st in R2)

4.7.2017 - Emil Lindholm drove one fastest JWRC special stage time in WRC Rally Poland - Steady performance satiesfies

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In June 2017 Finnish ASN rewarded Emil Lindholm, age of 20, with a title of "Young Future Star". As a preparation for WRC Rally Finland, which is to be driven at the end of July, Emil and his co-driver Tomi Tuominen entered WRC Rally Poland with Ford Fiesta R2T car and drove one fastest special time of JWRC group as well as other top times. However the off they encoutered in second day ended their hopes for podium positions and after continuing the rally with Super Rally Rule they managed to drive fastest JWRC special time to Power Stage and finish the rally as 8th fastest JWRC drivers.

After first intense rally day Lindholm and Tuominen were in 3rd position at JWRC. Then on next day and before having an off they had picked 2nd position. After having and off and retirement the duo continued on next day with Super Rally Rule and were able to drive top three times for final four stages. They finished the event on fastest special stage time in power stage.

Even facing some difficulties Lindholm was very satisfied for the experience he gained and the fastest JWRC time on wet and muddy stages.

- I haven't driven in these wild conditions. Even as I tried to walk on the stages I really had to be very cautious for not stepping on stones and wrist my ankle. Whole rally was a full survival because the stages were in extremely muddy conditions, Lindholm tells.

- The off we encountered on second day was complitely my own fault. It was a twisty left-right corner combination which had very deep ruts. I braked a bit too late and the car jumped off the ruts into two wheel. When I tried to save the situation we went off and hit a tree. It wasn't a big hit but even so the car suffered technical difficulties and we had to retire. I just read the road wrong and it was it, Lindholm admited.

M-Sport team fixed the car on service and Lindholm thank the team by driving top three times in final four stages. He also secured his first-ever fastest special time in JWRC at the final Power Stage.

- I'm very happy to end the rally with fastest special time. Now I'm nearly a driver who has driven the whole World Rally Championship event and therefore this experience was very taughtful when considering forthcoming WRC Rally Finland, Lindholm tells.

- The conditions in WRC Rally Poland were very extreme. Ruts on the road were severe and the car made surprise moves in every stages. We learned a lot, especially when rallying in serious thunderstormic weather, Lindholm concludes.

Next round for Lindholm is international Autoglym Rally which is to be driven two weeks before WRC Rally Finland. Then he collects is Finnish ASN reward in WRC Rally Finland.

- Ford Fiesta R2T is a very different FWD car than my Peugeot 206 R2 which I've driven in Finnish Rally Championship events. Ford Fiesta is turbochardged and doesn't respond to throttle like non-turbocharged Peugeot. During WRC Rally Poland I learned a lot which will help me in WRC Rally Finland. This car has to be driven as less as sideways as possible. When you're able to keep the car in straight the clock also enjoys, Lindholm analyses.

- International Autoglym rally is also a big thing for me when preparing myself for WRC Rally Finland. I would like to thank all sponsors, partners as well as specators for their support, Lindholm joyes.

Final results WRC Rally Poland 2017: JWRC: Top-3:
1. Nil Solands Baldo - Miquel Ibanez Sotos (ESP), Ford Fiesta, 3:17;47,0
2. Dennis Rådström - Johan Johansson (SWE), Ford Fiesta, +15,4sek
3. Nicolas Ciamin - Thibault De la Haye (FRA), Ford Fiesta, +2;41,8sek
8. Emil Lindholm - Tomi Tuominen (FIN), Ford Fiesta, +28;43,4sek

Sebateam offers enjoyable rally rides now also for private persons!

In forthcoming October the company of eight times Finnish Rally Champion Sebastian Lindholm, Oy Seba Team Ab, starts enjoyable rally rides for private persons. Due high request of memorable rally experiences Lindholm and his team takes a new step and start arranging rally rides for private persons. For over 10 years Oy Seba Team Ab has produced high quality corporate entertainments for companies, their staff aswell as for their customers.

Private rally rides are to be held at Inkoo in a three kilometres special stage owned by Sebastian Lindholm. Please make your reservation by email or by phone and get more information.

Sebastian Lindholm ruled Finnish Rally Championship scene by the both sides of Millenium. For the first time you have a possibility to enjoy the ride of your life with competitive rally car provided by him in October. These rally rides for private persons are to be held monthly.

This experience you definitely will be remember in years!

There is also a wooden cottage where you and your friends have an excellent possibility f.ex to organize Sauna evenings. There are space for 20 guests. Possible accomodation can easily to be arranged in mansion of Muistio, which is located not far from Sebastian Lindholm premises.

During the event Lindholm offers his guests background information from rallying, the cars and tells interesting rally stories from his motorsport career which has last 30 years.

For more information of private person rally rides:
- by phone: +358 400 441 917
- by email:

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